Our time in Roatan

First of all the view coming into the island is absolutely gorgeous… I mean check this out: This was one of those trips that just ended up being meant to be. I really wanted to take the girls to Iceland but, they weren’t allowing US Passport holders in at the time due to their Covid […]

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Money Matters

So I think one of the biggest detractors to traveling (especially Internationally) is the cost associated with it. I used to work for Allianz which is a travel insurance company based here in Richmond Virginia. The almost decade that I spent with them taught me one important lesson. Always set a budget… then double it. […]

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The Plan

So at a VERY high level… here’s the plan. The girls and I are going to quit jobs, homeschool… take the dogs and travel for a year. In order to do this we’ll have to sell the house we love so much here in Hanover, Virginia. We’ll miss it… but we don’t want to miss […]

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The Idea

I have no idea what made me think of it. I’ve always had a little bit of Wanderlust. Maybe it was the septic that broke for the 4958408 time in my “almost” brand new house. Maybe it was the job I felt like was going nowhere. Maybe it was the relationship that came to a […]

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Hey y’all. Just a little family of girls from Hanover, VA discovering ourselves, wandering the world, seeking joy and making memories.

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