Less is More, Minimizing our lifestyle

I posted this on IG but I think it really deserves it’s own place on the blog. There are pieces of our stories that aren’t meant to be told. Instead, they should glimmer and speak through our souls. – Angie Weland-Crosby The last 4-6 months has been HARD. I think there’s only been one other […]

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Solo Travel in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Horseback Ride

There’s a reason Costa Rica translated to “Lush Coast”. The flight into Santa Teresa from San Jose is like the scene from Moana when she sees Te Fiti. It’s the smallest plane I’ve ever been on. Maybe 8 passengers. It lands in what I’d equate to a little country bus stop. It really is a […]

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Our time in Roatan

First of all the view coming into the island is absolutely gorgeous… I mean check this out: This was one of those trips that just ended up being meant to be. I really wanted to take the girls to Iceland but, they weren’t allowing US Passport holders in at the time due to their Covid […]

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