Less is More, Minimizing our lifestyle

I posted this on IG but I think it really deserves it’s own place on the blog.

There are pieces of our stories that aren’t meant to be told. Instead, they should glimmer and speak through our souls. – Angie Weland-Crosby

The last 4-6 months has been HARD. I think there’s only been one other time in my life that’s been harder. We have had to pivot and change plans and make different decisions at the last minute so many times over the last few months. Being Type A I like to plan… and changing said plans at the very last minute sends me into a downward spiral. I’ve felt disconnected from myself, my kids, my people, my life. But this morning I wake up to the sun rising over the ocean, coffee and this view and I suspect that what’s been wrong with my life all this time is I have too much. I have too many thoughts, too many commitments, too many worries, too much stuff, except shoes. (There’s always room for more shoes!).

What I *need* is less. Less worry, less pain, less self deprivation, less care about perceptions, less commitments, less responsibility, less rushing, less hustle, less belongings.

So… how do we do that? I don’t know what it is about our culture in America but when I’m there all I feel like is this overwhelming sense of more. Bigger house, more things, more money, more objects, more friends, more commitment.

Outside the US though I’m so content with LESS. We’re in a maybe 600 sq ft space and I feel like I can live here and breathe. What was so important to have in my bag 2 days ago is being pulled out to be sent home with my friends bc now it doesn’t seem so important to have and the literal weight of carrying it doesn’t seem so important.

So I’m letting it go. And now I need to figure out how to let go of all the other things that aren’t serving me. Living minimally isn’t just applying the Konmari method to my yoga pants in my dresser. It means living and doing just enough to do it well.

UPDATE *** This was 3 countries ago. We’re currently sitting in Peru, haven’t worn half the things we brought. I found a pair of shoes I didn’t even remember packing!!! we’ve bought a few things along the way but only if we really liked it and will treasure it. Mira has this compulsion to want to collect things and get a souvenir from everywhere. I on the other hand really loathe the nick-nacks and tourist Tees… and have opted for jewelry and handmade pieces. It’s a fine balance between doing something for the local economy and collecting junk. My best advice… pick things that mean something to you and won’t end up in the landfill at home.

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