The Plan

So at a VERY high level… here’s the plan. The girls and I are going to quit jobs, homeschool… take the dogs and travel for a year. In order to do this we’ll have to sell the house we love so much here in Hanover, Virginia. We’ll miss it… but we don’t want to miss this opportunity. This truly is a once in a lifetime experience and we are so blessed that we are able to do this. I might never be able to retire… but it will be worth it!! Honestly I couldn’t even consider this if I didn’t have the support of some really special people in my life… who get excited for us when I’m terrified. Their excitement convinces me that this really is a good idea long enough to get stoked for it again.

So… Itinerary… we’re still making our list of things we want to see and do but. We’re thinking it will look something like this:

Virginia > Mexico

Mexico > Central America

Central America > South America

Chile > Antarctica

Antarctica > Chile

Chile > Virginia

*** This is where we pick up the dogs

Virginia > Europe

*** We’ll use Europe as our base… I think this is where we’ll spend the bulk of our time.

Europe > Asia

Asia > Europe

Europe > Africa

Africa > Europe

Europe > Australia (with the dogs)

Then…. Well… we haven’t thought that far ahead yet! Still so very much to plan but this is the thought process so far. If you have any bucket list destinations we should check out, volunteer opportunities with local communities, homeschooling ideas, packing lists (I’m a serial over-packer) or just want to say Hey! … We’d love to hear from you!

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